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Episode 16: 2019 Programme Part 2

The Exit 6 Podcast returns to take a look back at the films selected for the festival last year, and also listen back to Q&A's with the filmmakers who were able to join us on the day.


This week the team discuss some of the films from Block 1, which was hosted by Claire Clark.

The films discussed by Claire, Kate Chedciala and Chris Hannaford in this episode are...


Directed by Jack Carrivick

Stuck in a stagnant routine JD finally does the unexpected only to wish he hadn’t, now full of uncertainty he must try to regain control.


Directed by Greg Hall

Heroin addict Edd unexpectedly turns up to his son Patrick’s eighth birthday celebration.


Directed by François Zaïdi

A drunken man finds himself in a strange Faustian bar with a strange set of rules, but he might get the girl.


Podcast produced by Face TV with music by Joe Williams.


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