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Selection Process

The Exit 6 selection panel is a made up of volunteer filmmakers, reviewers, and cineastes, all experienced in the medium of short film.


Our programming is at the core of what we do. As such, we make sure our selection process is as robust as possible, reviewing it each year and making any necessary improvements.


The current selection process is as follows: 

  • Every film is reviewed by at least 3 panellists and watched in its entirety. 

  • Panellists then rate the film on FilmFreeway, providing it with an average score.

  • If the average score is made up of contradictory individual scores, that film is watched by the entire selection panel for a more rounded review. 

  • Selection panel meetings are held once a month throughout the submissions period to review and discuss submitted films. 

  • The selection panel have the facility to flag films for awards consideration throughout the submission period. 


  • When the submission period closes, the selection panel meets to discuss and decide which films should be included in the official programme, and which should be considered for awards.


To further ensure the integrity and impartiality of our programme, we also keep to the following rules: 


  • No submission will be assigned to a panellist if the submitting filmmaker is known to them personally.

  •  No film that includes a creative or production credit for a member of the Exit 6 festival team can be submitted. 

If you have any questions about our selection process or your submission, please email:

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