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The Selection Process

The Exit 6 selection panel is a made up of volunteer filmmakers, reviewers, and cineastes, all experienced in the medium of short film.

Our programming is at the core of what we do. As such, we make sure our selection process is as robust as possible, reviewing it each year and making any necessary improvements.


Complete Viewing

Every single film that comes our way is honored with a complete viewing by at least three of our dedicated panellists. Every story unfolds from start to end under their watchful eyes.

Comprehensive Review

In cases where the individual scores are playing a game of cinematic tug-of-war, the entire selection panel comes together. The film is rewatched and evaluated more thoroughly for a fair and well-rounded review.

Flagging for Awards

Our eagle-eyed panel has the capability to flag standout films for award considerations throughout the submission period. Excellent films that tug at our heartstrings or leave us in awe don't go unnoticed.

Initial Evaluation

Post-viewing, our panellists migrate to FilmFreeway to rate the film. This allows us to determine an average score, offering an initial impression of the film's standing.

Monthly Panel Meetings

To stay in tune with the cinematic gems flowing into our festival, the selection panel convenes for monthly meetings throughout the submission period. Here, films are reviewed and discussed in depth.

Final Selection

As the curtain falls on the submission period, our selection panel gathers to perform a crucial task - deciding which films will light up the official program, and which ones will compete for awards. This is how we craft a festival that celebrates the finest in independent cinema.

To further ensure the integrity and impartiality of our programme, we also keep to the following rules: 

Impartiality Above All

To maintain the integrity and impartiality of our programme, we follow strict guidelines. If a panellist personally knows a filmmaker who has submitted a film, that submission will be assigned to a different panellist to ensure an unbiased evaluation.

Festival Team's Submissions

In the spirit of fairness, no film that includes a creative or production credit for a member of the Exit 6 festival team is eligible for submission. We are committed to providing a level playing field for all participating filmmakers.

If you have any questions about our selection process or your submission, please email:

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