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About Us

Welcome to Exit 6 Film Festival, a vibrant celebration of independent cinema set in the heart of Basingstoke. Every year, we curate a diverse programme of short films from talented filmmakers, both local and international. Our mission? To shine a spotlight on powerful narratives, innovative storytelling techniques, and to nurture a community of passionate film lovers and creators.

Festival Producer Stacy Hart interviewing a filmmaker

Our Story

Born out of a deep-seated love for independent cinema, in 2016, Exit 6 Film Festival began as a dream to create a platform for exceptional short films. Since our inception, we have grown into an annual gathering that attracts hundreds of film enthusiasts, industry professionals, and creative talents from all corners of the globe.

Our dedicated team is made up of cinephiles, filmmakers, and volunteers who share a common passion for independent cinema. Their tireless efforts and undying enthusiasm bring the festival to life each year, making it an unforgettable event for everyone involved.

What We Do

At Exit 6, we strive to showcase the very best in indie filmmaking. From dramas that pull at your heartstrings and documentaries that challenge perceptions, to comedies that tickle your funny bone and animations that push the boundaries of creativity – our programme has something for every film lover.


But we're more than just a film festival. We are a dynamic hub for networking, learning, and creative collaboration. Our line-up includes interactive workshops, enlightening masterclasses, engaging Q&A sessions, and an inspiring awards ceremony that honours the cinematic brilliance of our filmmakers.

Film fan delegate
The Exit 6 Film Festival team

Our Commitment

Exit 6 Film Festival is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in cinema. We celebrate films from a broad range of genres, cultures, and perspectives, ensuring that every voice has a chance to be heard, every story a chance to unfold.

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