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A Delegate's Day Guide

Hey there, film aficionado! As a delegate at the vibrant Exit 6 Film Festival, you're about to dive into a treasure trove of indie films, engaging chats, and some fabulous festivities. Buckle up, because we’re here to make sure your day is as smooth, fun, and film-filled as possible!

Exit 6 programme lanyards

Arrival and Your VIP Pass (Lanyard and programme collection!)

First things first – march to the ticket hub at VUE Festival Place with a spring in your step. Here, you’ll snatch your lanyard – a.k.a your golden ticket to all the fantastic screenings and events. Wear it like a festival badge of honour!

Let’s Make a Plan, Stan! 

Got your lanyard? Great! Now grab a coffee, cozy up, and scout the festival schedule. Pick your must-see screenings and events and sketch out your day. Also, keep your eyes glued to our social channels for any spontaneous updates or surprises!

Delegates networking at Exit 6
Audience member raising a toast to Exit 6

Beat the Clock –
Get There Early! 

The early bird catches the… film? Definitely! Screenings are first-come, first-served, so swish on over ahead of time to grab your spot. Bonus: You’ll get to schmooze with other delegates and film buffs.

Chit-Chat Time - Q&A Sessions and Networking

Rub elbows with the creators post-screenings during Q&A sessions. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and absorb insights like a sponge! Keep the networking rolling with fellow delegates and film gurus - your future collaborators could be just a handshake away!

Delegates at the bar at Exit 6
Host Claire Clarke interviewing a filmmaker on stage

Up Your Game – Meet the experts

Looing to expand your network with a host of film funding and production services? Head over to our Industry Hub throughout the afternoon and say hello to our special industry guests.

It's Voting Time! Festive Awards Ceremony

Your voice counts! Cast your vote for the Audience Choice Award. Then, get fancy and waltz over to the awards ceremony. Applaud, cheer, and let the excitement fill the air as we toast the night’s winners!

Festival Award Winners for short film Lady Macbeth
Festival entertainer and musician performin at Exit 6

Party Like a Film Star at Dice Tower

Ready to let your hair down? Once the awards wrap up, shimmy your way to Dice Tower from 6:30 pm for the after-party. Mix, mingle, and groove with your fellow film lovers. Grab a drink, shake a leg, and let's celebrate the sheer brilliance of indie cinema! 

Whew, what a day! 

From snagging your lanyard to toasting at the after-party, the Exit 6 Film Festival promises a whirlwind of fabulous films, engaging chit-chats, and plain ol’ good times. Soak it all in, make those connections, and, above all, let your love for cinema shine! Cheers to an unforgettable day and night at the Exit 6 Film Festival!

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