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2024 Official Poster Unveiled

We are delighted to unveil the poster for Exit 6 Film Festival 2024, based on original artwork from a collaboration between local artistic talents Fátima Pantoja and Rachel Davis.


After creating our lovely artwork for 2023, we once again commissioned Basingstoke artists Fátima Pantoja and Rachel Davis to create an original design for our poster for Exit 6 Film Festival 2024.

Carl Austin, Creative Director at Exit 6, worked with the artists to create this final poster.

"It was great working with Fátima and Rachel again this year - last year's artwork was well received, looked great on the lanyard and on the big screen. I wanted to keep the momentum from last year going with something new, so we went with the theme ‘Small and Powerful’ , which would represent both the short films we show and the festival itself. I’m so happy with the design: I think they have done a fantastic job again!"

On working on the project, regular collaborators Fatima and Rachel said:

"In so many ways the creation process of a film is same to the creation of a painting/drawing: both start with a concept, usually with a cup of coffee or tea nearby! Words and ideas become drawings, not long after colour and composition are added to the mixture, an that idea grows and it becomes more complex and three dimensional, evolving on every single step until all these apparently small changes and tweaks evolve to a finish piece… something bigger with a bigger impact, short stories can have a big say… but how to represent that?

"We just chatted about it all like fanatics (obviously!) for a few hours and and after some drawings and lots of talking “Gulliver’s travels” came to our mind. Little people coming together in order to create something bigger, bringing a big change/message… You can see our Lilliputian people working around a vintage camera, a symbol of filmmaking and film lovers. We wanted to emphasise the importance that small elements, shapes and colour have on the bigger picture, that is why the camera was created with simple shapes, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc. We also used mainly primary and secondary colours for the same reason. Our Lilliputians are silhouettes rather than more illustrative figures to again emphasise that single ingredient concept.

"Now, everyone who is vaguely connected to any kind of arts know that is not a one way forward process, there is a sort of dance on the making, you move back and forth, up and down… so, a twirling film, it could not be otherwise! The film is moving around the characters, connecting everyone involved in the making of the film, and then the audience watching, which I venture to say is the most important part of the film making journey. Finally, of course, we feature where this amazing film festival takes place, Basingstoke, engraved on the film itself.

"It has been an honour and a pleasure to work on this. Thank you!"

The artwork will be on full display during Exit 6 Film Festival 2024, both in print and proudly projected onto the big screens.

Thank you Fátima & Rachel!


You can follow Fátima Pantoja and Rachel Davis on Instagram.

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