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Short films to air on local TV

This year saw the launch of the Exit 6 Film Festival in Basingstoke, a one-day event showcasing and celebrating the work of a host of talented, up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world. We are now very excited to have the opportunity to offer an even wider platform across the year with the new Exit 6 Film Show.


Similar to London Live, a new local Freeview television channel (launching in 2017) will soon broadcast to Basingstoke and Andover. The Exit 6 Film Show aims to bring even more deserving attention to the world of short film.

Those living in the area who came out for the festival day and evening were thrilled, dazzled and moved by the incredible 41 different pieces of work on display. Films of all genres from countries that included France, Ireland, USA, Portugal, Argentina, Russia and Iran screened at The Red Lion Hotel, Vue Cinema and The Anvil in Basingstoke town centre.

Now all those who missed out will get the chance to enjoy, or even relive that experience in their own home.

Produced by one of our sponsors – local production company Face TV – the show will be similar to the screening style of the festival. A short film will be screened then followed by a recorded interview with the filmmaker. The informal chat will cover topics from the making of the film, the career of the filmmaker, their advice to others and their plans for the future.

One of our wonderful presenters will be Claire Clark, who is also one of the Q&A screening hosts at the festival event.

"I am looking forward to working on this program because short film is an incredible source of entertainment that isn't readily available. For filmmakers short films are a huge challenge to tell an engaging story within a small time frame. Some amazing things can be produced from that."

We understand that short films currently on the festival circuit may rule themselves out of consideration due to common exhibition requirements of most festivals. That’s why the Exit 6 Film Show will be more than happy to consider older films that have completed their touring run and are looking for an audience somewhere other than online.

Mark Brennan, Producer of the Exit 6 Film Festival and the new television show, is delighted by the prospect of bringing short film to a new audience.

"I'm very excited by the access a Freeview television show will give to a film-loving audience that might not consider to seek out this kind of content online, which is where most short films end up after their festival runs. The opportunity to have a prime-time slot on a Freeview channel broadcasting to towns the size of Basingstoke and Andover – which combined is nearly 250,000 people – is fantastic for up-and-coming filmmakers."

The new show is part of the Exit 6 mission to bring short film culture to filmmakers and film lovers alike, in an accessible and affordable way. Already in production, the Exit 6 Film Show will launch in the New Year.


If you have a film of 15-minutes or less that you would like to be considered for the show, as well as to feature in an interview, please email for more information.

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