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Listen: the selection panel on short films Talk to Leon, Memories Lost to Sleep and Dirt Ash Meat

Updated: May 8, 2020

The Exit 6 Panel return to look at three films that made it through to the Exit 6 Official Selection 2019. Find out why the panel selected Talk to Leon, Memories Lost to Sleep and Dirt Ash Meat. Also for those who missed the festival last year we catch up on the filmmaker Q&A highlights from the day.



Directed by Murat Gökmen

Out after midnight for the first time, four twelve year olds travel across London with only the voice of Leon to guide them.


Directed by Gary Roberts

In a dream, a woman’s memories collide and connect between sleep and awake. They leave her body and form a small spirit.


Directed by Sion Thomas

During the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001, Rhian and Dewi struggle to keep the Welsh hill farm they inherited from their father running.


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