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Listen: the panel on Judges 6 films Great Expectations, If <Girlfriend Deluxe>, and The Cunning Man.

The Exit 6 Panel return to look at three films that made it through to the Exit 6 Official Selection 2019. Find out why the panel selected Great Expectations, If <Girlfriend Deluxe>, and our Best Film winner The Cunning Man. Also for those who missed the festival last year we catch up on the filmmaker Q&A highlights from the day.



Directed by Stefan Georgiou

Within three days Pip has lost her job, flat and boyfriend. She must decide whether to go back to her home in the countryside.


Directed by Steve Moss

Frank tries to replicate the lost intimacy of his marriage with Cindy, a synthetic pleasure unit. But she has other ideas.


Directed by Zoë Dobson

The Cunning Man is inspired by a real cunning man, John Harries. It's an enchanted tale of compassion in the face of callous greed.


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