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Listen: the selection panel on short films Home Girl, Down, Kim and Mausoleum

Updated: May 22, 2020

The Exit 6 Panel return to look at three films that made it through to the Exit 6 Official Selection 2019. Find out why the panel selected Home Girl, Down, Kim and Mausoleum. Also for those who missed the festival last year we catch up on the filmmaker Q&A highlights from the day.



Directed by Poonam Brah

After her mother’s funeral, British Muslim Roya discovers that her relationship with another woman was known about all along.


Directed by Garry Crystal

Two strangers are trapped in an elevator. One is dying; the other is dying to escape.


Directed by Madeline Landry

Kim is a stop motion mock-umentary style short about the day in the life of a friendly, outgoing, man-eating siren named Kim.


When a woman sits for dinner with her husband, she realises that time is running out to resolve her mistakes and regain control of her life.


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