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Listen: the panel talk Freedom's Name Is Mighty Sweet, Lunchbox, The Second Hearing & Asparagus Tips

The Exit 6 Panel return to look at four films that made it through to the Exit 6 Official Selection 2019. Find out why the panel selected Freedom's Name Is Mighty Sweet, Lunchbox, The Second Hearing and Asparagus Tips. Also for those who missed the festival last year we catch up on the filmmaker Q&A highlights from the day.



Directed by Joe Murphy

Set in 1897, this is the incredible story of Charles and Lucille Hunter, two African American prospectors in the Klondike Gold Rush.


Directed by Demet Derelioglu Aran

Antonin works in a coal mine with his father. He is a day dreamer and he would like to find a motivation to keep working in the mine.


Directed by Stuart Black & Nick Mather

In a futuristic prison, Graham is summoned from his cell to face a parole hearing, where he will have to reenact his crime.


Directed by Sam Bailey

A dinner party kicks off with the last guest to arrive, the oddly named Asparagus Tips.


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The Exit 6 Film Festival Podcast is proudly produced by Face TV with music by Joe Williams.

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