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Content Warnings

For the Exit 6 Film Festival, content warnings serve as advisory notes to highlight potential material that may be sensitive or triggering for viewers. Since many of our films have not undergone formal ratings assessments, we've taken care to flag commonly known sensitive subjects. It's important to note, however, that sensitivities can be deeply personal and vary among individuals. Although our content warnings are here to assist, we encourage you to exercise judgment when selecting films from our lineup.

Block 1


Bereavement & domestic violence

Block 4

The Ceiling


Judges 6

As For Me

Child abuse (implied)

Five Weeks

Post-natal depression & child endangerment


Mental Distress/Gaslighting

Block 2

Boy In The Back Seat

Child endangerment


Maternal distress

Block 5

I Have Heard You Calling In The Night


Welcome to Candy's

Domestic violence

Block 3


Domestic violence


Panic disorder

Block 6


Sexual assault


Body horror

Getting support

If you find yourself affected by any of the subjects or scenes presented in our films, we encourage you to seek help or guidance. Happiful is a wonderful resource that provides signposting for a variety of issues.

Find Support Here

Please prioritise your well-being. Our team is here to help and support you, ensuring your experience at Exit 6 Film Festival is a memorable and positive one. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on Exit 6 and encourage you to reach out to us at

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