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Being Mr. Wickham with Pride and Prejudice star Adrian Lukis

February 27, 2020

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2 Apr 2020

Jennifer Sheridan talks to us about directing new BBC series The Snow Spider as well as her new feature Rose, written by Matt Stokoe who stars opposite Sophie Rundle, and advice to filmmakers also looking to transition from shorts to features and TV.

Hello Jennifer...

21 Mar 2020

Louise Marie Cooke talks to us about the online release of her short film Breathe, the funding and making of the film, plus her experience directing for the stage with new play Melody and Her Many Men written and performed by Marilyn Friday.

Hello Louise, thanks for tak...

12 Mar 2020

Runyararo Mapfumo talks to us about the making of her short film Masterpiece which screened at Exit 6 Film Festival, hitting the festival circuit with her new short Dawn in the Dark, and the importance of indie filmmakers sharing their experiences.

Hello Runyararo, than...

27 Feb 2020

Adrian Lukis, star of the BBC's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, talks to us about revisiting one of his most famous roles in new play Being Mr Wickham, his role opposite Oscar-winning Renée Zellweger in Judy, advice on acting for stage versus screen, and Mae Martin'...

20 Feb 2020

Osric Chau, star of Supernatural and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, talks to us about producing and performing in new indie feature Empty By Design, creating the work and roles he wants to be part of, and filming in the Philippines. 

Photo credit: Haldane Mor...

13 Feb 2020

Writer and director Motke Dapp talks to us about the making of parallel universe comedy feature Another Version of You, the cast that powers it - including a WWE star - and valuable lessons learned when it comes to distributing an indie feature.

Photo Credit: Gabri...

6 Feb 2020

Rhian Rees, star of the latest Halloween instalment, talks to us about making the move from Swindon to LA, becoming part of a cinematic dynasty, her new short film projects and the best advice she's received received from one of her peers. 

Photo credit: Anastasia Ivano...

30 Jan 2020

Ulrich Thomsen, star of Counterpart, Banshee, and Festen, talks to us about writing and directing Gutterbee, his new feature satirising small town America (with German sausage).

It's almost fitting that when I sit down to talk to Ulrich Thomsen, it's the first day of Pr...

12 Dec 2019

Phil Hawkins, the writer and director of Star Was: Origins, talks to us about the making of his Indiana Jones and Star Wars mash up, the effort and belief required to pull together a fan film of such unprecedented scale and ambition, and how the British film industry s...

5 Dec 2019

Quinn Shephard, actor, writer, producer and director, talks to us about starring in and making her debut feature film Blame at just 20 years old, the steps she took to secure finance and distribution, and screening the film at the Tribeca Film Festival.

So, you started...

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