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About Exit 6

It’s a journey that started some time ago with perhaps little more than an idea.


Then a script was written, a cast and crew assembled and post-production (eventually) conquered. Chest pump! You did it. Tears, blood, sweat, coffee, cigarettes and runners have been left along the way but your work is now finished and it’s time to show it to the world... and Basingstoke*.


That’s right, the Exit 6 Film Festival has been founded by a collective of film-makers and film-lovers who have attended many festivals and have decided it was high time we had one nestled in our north Hampshire bosom.

The Exit 6 Film Festival is an international film festival which takes place annually in Basingstoke, UK, at the end of September. The festival is a celebration of independent short film from around the world, providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase and discuss their work, directly connecting with the audience.


It’s a film festival by filmmakers for filmmakers.


The festival gives each filmmaker the opportunity to take part in a Q&A after the screening of their film. The programme also includes industry masterclasses, networking sessions, one-to-one surgeries and panel discussions. In the first year, 41 films from around the world were selected to screen to a sold-out audience, with the majority of filmmakers in attendance.

*If you wanted to know why we're called Exit 6 Film Festival it's because Basingstoke is junction 6 on the M3, so whilst we wanted to reference our roots, 'The Basingstoke Film Festival' sounds a bit naff. Not sure we'd go to that...


Exit 6 Film Festival is an organisation with a unique set of aims/values:


To be accessible and affordable to both filmmakers and audience.


To engage and involve audience through voting, Q&As and workshops.


To encourage networking and collaboration through afterparty.

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